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  • Hand Grip Strengthener


    Improve your grip strength Playing a musical instrument or taking part in a sports competition that requires strong hands and extra grip strength? Then this grip strengthener was made just for you! Product details Adjustable levels of intensity Ease your way into finger grip strength training by gradually adjusting the weight from 5 to 7…

  • Kickboxing Target – Set of 2


    The perfect sparring partner He doesn’t strike back! To become a true master of the martial arts, you have to constantly perfect your skills and what’s a better way to do it than with a kick target pad that doesn’t feel pain and doesn’t get tired. Refine and polish your kickboxing skills by yourself. Kickboxing…

  • Orange Swim Sleeves


    Worrying about your child’s safety in water? Let go of your worries with these swim sleeves! These orange swim sleeves ensure your child’s safety in water and promote their water confidence. Their durable construction prevents air from escaping, while the bright orange color enhances visibility. Build your child’s confidence in water Easy to get on…

  • Pedal Pull Rope Bodybuilding Expander


    Want a gym at home? An effective at-home workout This elastic fitness band is lightweight, portable and easy to pack, whether at home, outdoors, in an office or when traveling, you’ll never miss a workout, whether you use it as sit-up equipment, arm stretching bands or a full body rope exercise workout. Pull rope information…

  • Pilates Balance Pad


    Handy balance pad Balancing pads come in different shapes and forms. This one is in the shape of a square – and it doesn’t have air inside. It’s all made from TPE! It has intriguing features that you MUST check out. Your new workout assistant What’s the purpose of it? Exercising with the use of…

  • Portable Table Tennis Net


    It’s game time anywhere Jump in on some spontaneous fun when boredom strikes with our Portable Table Tennis Net. Designed to clip to the edges of any table surface, our net stands firm on any kitchen counter or dining table for an on-the-spot challenge with family and friends. Sized for hours of fun When fully…

  • Portable Table Tennis Set


    Go all in Make game time happen anywhere you go with our fun clip-on tennis net and paddle-and-balls set. Enjoy an impromptu game of ping pong with all the gear you need with our Portable Table Tennis Combo. No tangles. No hassle. Ever bring a full-sized net to the beach or park? It’s a lot…

  • Professional Gym Wrist Straps


    Superior wrist protection You’ll literally wonder how you ever worked out without them. Boost your workout performance for more challenging advanced lifts and gym routines. Train smarter and harder. Wrist straps specifications Avoid any injuries and sprains This will significantly reduce tension on your wrist joints allowing you to feel more confident, so you can…

  • PU Leather Baseball Glove


    Perfect for first-time players Improve your defensive skills with this stylish baseball glove! Suitable for any baseball position, the glove provides baseball enthusiasts with lightweight and reliable construction while they master the basics of the baseball game. Product specifications High-quality material Crafted from durable PU leather, the glove provides the player with a comfortable and…

  • Racket & Balls Set


    The gear you need Let the balls go back and forth with our Racket & Balls Set. Sometimes, you have a net set up or find a ping-pong table in the basement of your friend’s house — but sadly, not the paddles or balls to use. For whenever that happens, our equipment duo here helps…

  • Remote Control


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  • Resistance Band


    Non-slip workout exercise band These fabric resistance bands let you warm up and work on mobility before more intense training. Use as a great workout tool around the legs for bodyweight & weighted squats, lunges, hip thrusts, kickbacks, and much more! Resistance bands information Item characteristics Color: green. Size (S / M / L): 26”…

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    Smart Speaker


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  • Solo Football Trainer


    Improve your football technique Become a better player! Level up your football training with this highly effective solo football trainer! It helps you to improve your ball control, master passing, shooting, and receiving techniques. About the product Adjustable size Adjust the length of the belt to achieve perfect fit. The elastic cord and ball glove…

  • Swim Resistance Parachute


    Wanna become a better swimmer? Check out this swim resistance parachute! Resistance training is a great way to increase your swimming speed and endurance. A swim parachute is compatible with all swim strokes and doesn’t interfere with your swimming technique. Fulfil your swimming potential! Power up your swimming! Adjustable size Easily adjust the belt to…

  • Swimming Resistance Belt


    Enhance your swim training This swimming resistance belt is a perfect way to take your swimming performance to a whole new level and improve your overall swimming ability. Wanna become a better swimmer? Check out this swimming resistance belt! Items included 1x blue resistance cord (157 in.), 1 x waist belt (47 in.), 1 x…